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Believe it or not, but Salesmsg can text-enable your existing United States or Canadian landline phone number so you can keep the same number you have to start texting with it.

This gives you the ability to keep you existing landline phone number to call using your current telecom provider and Salesmsg as your texting provider.

How does this work?

This will not interrupt calling or make any changes to your existing telecom carrier. 

Simply put, Salesmsg sits on top of your number so when anyone texts you can receive the message in Salesmsg.

How can I get started?

Please contact our support team to help you text-enable your landline numbers.

Step 1: Lookup

In order to determine if your number is able to be text-enabled, we first need to look up your number within our system. At this time, we can only enable the following types of numbers:

  • ✅Landline
  • 🚫Mobile
  • 🚫VOIP

If our system comes back and tells us that it is in fact a Landline number, then we can text-enable it. 

Step 2: Verify Your Landline Number

In order to verify that you are the owner, we will be placing an automated phone call to your number along with a PIN code for you to enter. Our support agent will provide you the PIN code to enter.

When you receive the call, listen to the prompt and enter in the PIN code provided to you. Once verified, this will then move onto the next step to enabling your landline.

Step 3: Sign The Letter of Authorization Form

Once your numbers have been verified, you'll then receive a Letter of Authorization email from Salesmsg. This will give Salesmsg the ability to become the provider of your text messaging.

You can sign this online and it will then be sent to the carriers for processing. This process usually takes anywhere between 2-12 hours for enabling your numbers.

Step 4: Your Numbers are Live!

After your numbers have been successfully processed by the carriers, they'll be activated with Salesmsg for you to use.

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Can I text enable my mobile number?
Sadly, no. there isn't a way to have multiple SMS providers on a mobile phone. Because your mobile phone provider is providing the texting for you, Salesmsg doesn't have a way to sit on top of your existing mobile phone number.

The only way to do this would be to port away your phone number to Salesmsg, which we do not recommend.

Can I text enable my VOIP number?
There are certain carriers that we do have the ability to host SMS for. Please contact our support team to discuss your situation in detail.

Do I need to set up call forwarding on Salesmsg?
Because your carrier is providing the calling, call forwarding on Salesmsg will be disabled for that number. Salesmsg will only be handling your text messaging.

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