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Salesmsg has partnered with all major carriers to text-enable local and toll-free landline phone numbers.

You'll be able to send and receive SMS and MMS text messages using your existing landline phone number with the Salesmsg platform. And the good news is that this will not disrupt your calling whatsoever.

Here's a breakdown of the process for verifying and enabling your existing landline...

How to Text-Enable Your Existing Landline

Step 1: Determine If Your Phone Number is Eligible

From the Numbers page, click on the Add Landline button to start the process for adding your landline.

Step 2: Enter Your Landline Phone Number

First, we'll look up your number to confirm it's a landline and then start the landline text enabling process. We can only text-enable Landline phone numbers at this time.




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Step 2: Enter Your Landline Address

Enter the address that is tied to the Landline phone number you are enabling. Enter the address, city, state, and zip code.

Step 2: Verify Your Landline Phone Number

In order to verify ownership of your landline, Salesmsg will place a call to the number and ask you to enter in the PIN code provided.

Step 3: Authorize Salesmsg To Host SMS (Online Signature)

Once the landline number has gone through the verification process, a Letter of Authorization will be emailed to you requesting your online signature. This will give Salesmsg the ability to Host SMS on your existing landline,

Step 4: Testing and It's Live

After you have signed the Letter of Authorization, your number is tested and once complete your number will be made available for you to use.


How will this affect my phone landline?

The only way your phone line will be affected is that your customers can now text you. Nothing changes with your calling provider and you will experience no disruption in your calling services with your current provider.

Salesmsg doesn’t interfere with your current set up (such as extensions, forwarding, etc.), and it doesn’t affect your current phone bill.

Will there be any hidden fees on my phone bill?

No. Salesmsg works as an add-on to any existing non-wireless phone number, which means a business can upgrade its existing phone number without contacting or interrupting their voice service provider.

Does Salesmsg own my number?

No. This number is still owned by you and Salesmsg simply allows you to send and receive text messages using your existing landline.

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