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Integrating with Marketo
Integrating with Marketo
Integrate Marketo with Salesmsg to send texts to your leads.
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Our Marketo integration gives you the ability to both

  • Add Marketo Leads to Salesmsg

  • Send text messages to Marketo Leads using Salesmsg Workflows

In this guide, you'll learn how to integrate with Marketo.

Required Information

To fully integrate your Marketo account you will need the following information:

  1. Identity URL

  2. Client ID

  3. Client Secret

Locating Your Identity URL

To find your Marketo Identity URL follow these steps.

1. Head over to your Marketo Admin page

2. Next, click on Web ServicesΒ 

3. Scroll down and find the REST API section and find your Identity URL.Β 

4. Now paste this in your Salesmsg integration settings for Client URL

Next, we need to get the rest of the information.

Creating a New Marketo Custom Service

To create your Client ID and Client Secret, please follow these steps.

1. On the top right, click on Admin

2. Next, click on LaunchPoint

3. Then click on New > New Service

4. Finally, create your new Salesmsg service like this:

After you have created your new Salesmsg Custom Service, we need to grab your Client ID and Client Secret

5. Next, click on View Details to get your details.

5. Grab your Client ID and Client Secret and paste it into your Salesmsg Marketo integration settings.

6. Finally, paste this in your Salesmsg Marketo settings. It should looks something like this:

7. Click Connect and you're now integrated!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will text messages log back to Marketo?

Not at this time. To view your messages quickly from Marketo using the Salesmsg Chrome Extention would be the best alternative.

Do I need to make a Salesmsg Trigger to send a Text from Marketo?

Yes, and under the "Integrations" drop-down you'll need to select "Marketo".

How can I tell if my integration is disconnected?

Should an error occur on Marketo or Salesmsg that disconnects your integration, the next time you log in to Salesmsg you'll see a large status bar at the top of your Salesmsg conversation page indicating your integration has disconnected.

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