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Triggers are your text messages that you want to send to your contacts. You will be creating your text messages as Triggers and using Webhooks insert them into your HubSpot Workflow.

Step 1: Create Your Salesmsg Trigger

To start, head over to Triggers and click New Trigger.

The name of the trigger. (internal)

Select HubSpot.

Phone Field
This is the field where you are storing the contacts phone number. Phone Number is default.

Team Member
Select which number you want to send the text message coming from. you can select the Salesmsg member, a Team Inbox, or send based on the HubSpot Contact Owner.

To send texts based on the HubSpot Contact Owner, see this tutorial.

Salesmsg internal tags that are applied on the contact when this trigger is sent.

Your personalized text message. You can insert images (MMS), emoji's, as well as HubSpot custom properties in the text to personalize your message.

Step 2: Copy Your Webhook

After you've created your Trigger, click on the icon to copy your webhook URL.

Step 3: Create a Webhook In Your Workflow

From your HubSpot Workflow, add a Webhook and insert your Salesmsg Trigger URL. 

NOTE: Webhooks are only available on HubSpot Enterprise plans.

Select POST.

Webhook URL
Paste in your Salesmsg Trigger URL.

Testing Your Workflow

Now that we setup your Workflow, you'll want to test it to ensure that it's all setup correctly.

Step 1: Enable "Re-Enrollment"

For testing purposes, you may want to Change re-enrollment options so that you can add yourself multiple times to the Workflow. 

Select Enrollment Triggers and click the Change re-enrollment options link to Allow contacts to re-enroll.

Step 2: Test The Workflow

Now click the TEST button on the far right and add yourself or another contact to test the Workflow and the text message.


How do I see if texts are going out?

  1. Look at the HubSpot History and see if the webhook was successfully executed.If successful, you'll see this...
  1. Next, search for the contact in Salesmsg and pull up a conversation. In the top right of Salesmsg, search for the contact and select it. If it was successful, it will pull up the contact and the conversation. 


To reach our support team, please email [email protected].

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