Adding a contact

To add contacts, go to your Contacts icon in your dashboard and locate your Create Contact button.  

Enter your new contact details and hit create contact to save. 

Deleting a contact

You can delete contacts in bulk or individually. 

In your Contacts, click on Bulk Actions, then Delete

To delete a contact directly from their contact card. Under their contact info, you'll find an option to delete

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way to export my contacts?
We currently don't have a feature to export your contacts, but if you're integrated with a CRM, you can download your list of contacts there. 

How do I make sure I don't upload duplicate contacts?
Our import/upload feature is smart, so if you have duplicates on your list our system will catch it and not duplicate the contact. 

How do I upload/import a list of contacts?
Follow this guide to import/upload contacts. 

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