What is a Broadcast?

A Broadcast is a bulk message that allows you to send the same text to multiple contacts at a time. This is great for promotions, encouraging clients to book an appointment with you, or if you just want to send the same text to a group of contacts. 

Here's how to send a Broadcast

  1. In your account, locate your Broadcasts icon on the left side column and select Create Broadcast to get started.
  2. Give your Broadcast a name so you can identify it or refer back to it at a later time.
  3. Next, select a tag or tags that are attached to your contacts that you want to include in your message.
  4. Select which number or inbox you would like your texts to come from.
  5. You can choose to send your message immediately by selecting Send Now or you can also schedule an outgoing message with our Send Later option.
  6. If you choose to send your message later, remember to Activate your message to send it out at the scheduled time. 

Current subscriptions available for Broadcast messaging
Pro > includes up to 250 tagged contacts per broadcast
Premium > includes up to 500 tagged contacts per broadcast

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some best practices for bulk messaging?
Broadcast Guidelines & Best Practices

What if I'm using a short code to send a Broadcast?
Short Code and Shared Short Code options are available to send up to 1000 tagged contacts per broadcast. Contact our support team for more details.

How many characters can I include in a Broadcast?
Keep in mind that 160 characters completes one full text message and if you send a broadcast with a larger character count, it will split the broadcast in two messages which will count as another message credit.

How do I include contacts in my Broadcast?
Because the Broadcast feature is designed to pull contacts from your tags list, you'll have to add a unique tag to the contacts you want to include in your bulk message first. From there, you can insert the tag under Send To and the message will be sent to the contacts with that specific tag. Learn How to apply or remove tags from contacts.

I've reached my broadcast message limit, what does that mean? If you selected tagged contacts for your broadcast that go over your plan limit, we can not guarantee it will go to all of your contacts. Your broadcast will be sent out to the maximum amount of contacts based on your subscription. We suggest cloning your broadcast with a unique tag for any additional messages or upgrading to a plan to fit your broadcasting needs!

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