An amazing feature of Salesmsg, is the ability to send your text messages as coming from the Infusionsoft Lead Owner. Using Infusionsoft, you can set the Lead Owner and with Salesmsg, send the text message as coming from that person.

It's slick.

Let's me show you how to do it...

Mapping your Infusionsoft Users to Salesmsg

1. First, integrate with Infusionsoft

2. Once integrated, click on the Infusionsoft Settings

3. Map your Infusionsoft users, to the Salesmsg Members.

This will let Salesmsg know, which Salesmsg number and account to connect to the Infusionsoft user.

Creating Your Trigger Text Message

  1. Create a new trigger

2. Select to Send Message From as the Infusionsoft Lead Owner

3. Create your Message and save it!

Integrating with the Campaign Builder

1. Go to your Campaign Builder

2. When sending as from the Infusionsoft Lead Owner, be sure to Assign an Owner to the contact.

3. When assigning your owner, you can set an Owner or use Infusionsoft's Round Robins feature.

4. From the HTTP Post, paste in the Salesmsg URL. Do not change the contactid field. Turn it ON, publish and run the campaign!

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