What are triggers? 

A trigger is a custom message that you set up to send to your contacts within your integration using a webhook url. After you create your trigger, you then apply the trigger webhook url in your integration's workflow or automation.

How to create triggers?

  1. In your Salesmsg account, go to your Triggers icon to create a trigger
  2. Give your trigger an internal Name
  3. Select an Integration
  4. Choose a Phone Field where you are storing the contact's phone number
  5. Add a Team Member to add where you want the message to come from
  6. You can add Tags that are applied on the contact when this trigger is sent
  7. Enter a personalized Message- You can include images (MMS), emoji's, as well as custom properties in the text

After you create you trigger, you'll copy/paste your webhook url to your integration's workflow or automation.

My Triggers disappeared?

If you've created some Integration based Triggers and you find that they have all disappeared don't worry, they are not gone. Verify that you are integrated with the CRM, you'll likely find your integration has disconnected. 

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