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Adding a new inbox to your account lets you have conversations using separate numbers and also gives your team an opportunity to collaborate on conversations.

To add a new inbox to your account, go to your Settings > Inboxes > New Inbox where
you'll be prompted to search for by area code for a new number. Addtional inboxes can be used as shared inboxes, you can also add additional members to the new inbox if you would like to collaborate on conversations.  

Creating a New Inbox

Search for your new inbox number using your preferred area code, select a number, and you've created your new inbox. 

Removing an inbox

You can remove an inbox under your Inbox Settings. Removing an inbox deletes the inbox number permanently. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is an additional inbox?
Additional inbox numbers are $10 monthly or $100 annually depending on your subscription.

Can I invite other users to my platform?
 How to invite members to your team.

To reach our support team, please email [email protected].

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