You can do more then send a short text within your texting platform. You can include picture files, attachments, hyperlinks to book appointments, send gifs, and emojis just like regular texting. You can also quickly insert your saved canned responses into your conversations or even create a scheduled text to send out at a later time.

Let's see what that looks like: 


Your picture files have to be in the following formats: png, jpeg, gif, vcard up to 5MB.
(recommended size for media files 480 pixels wide, up to 720 pixels high)
Attachments must include a valid url.
Actual links included in your text will send as clickable hyperlinks.

Add Notes

When you toggle SMS to Note, the text box converts into a space for internal notes that your client won't see. 

Looking to send a message in bulk? Check out our Broadcast Feature to learn more.

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