The Salesmsg Agency portal is a texting solution for your clients. The Agency account allows you to send messages on your client's behalf, manage multiple conversations and configure their dashboard's settings. 

There is no limit on how many client accounts you can have in your agency portal. However, you must invite your clients through your portal to gain access to their accounts. Once they have accepted your invite, you'll be able to view and manage conversations through their dashboard.

**Contact our team to register for an Agency account. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still send text messages if I have an Agency Portal?Yes. You don't lose your subscription when you switch to an agency account so you can still text from your portal. You just gain access to your client's accounts.

How do I add additional members to the client's account?
How to invite members to your team

How do I update billing information for my client?
Update your billing information

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