An Agency Portal is great for consultants or anyone who wants to offer a texting solution to their clients. The Agency Portal gives you access to set up, manage, and send texts on your client's behalf. 

Here's a glimpse on what that looks like:
In your portal, you'll have a list of all your client's and you can make changes to their account by assuming the account. 

To add a client to your account, simply select Create Client to send your client an email invitation. Below is a list of what your client's sign up process looks like.

  1. Confirm Salesmsg email invitation
  2. Choose a Salesmsg number
  3. Add payment information

Once your client's account is set up, you can then Assume Client to make any changes to their account.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add additional members to the client's account?
How to invite members to your team

How do I update billing information for my client?
Update your billing information

Can I still send text messages if I have an Agency Portal?
Yes. You don't lose your subscription when you switch to an agency account so you can still text from your portal. You just gain access to your client's accounts.

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