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Learn how to create and use a custom property as a merge field in your text messages, for automated SMS messages with personal references!

Steps to create your custom HubSpot property

For our example, we’ll use Account Representative Contact Number. This would be useful if you have many contacts you’d need to communicate their specific account representatives contact information on to.

  1. From the HubSpot dashboard, locate your settings

2. Then select Properties

3. Now select Create Property

4. Add a label name for this custom property, internal name, and a description if you wish to help you remember what the property is intended to be.

5.On the Group drop down field, select Contact Information. For the Field Type drop down in our example Single line text would be most appropriate. Field type could also be “Number”, and can even continue to be formatted to currency. We are using “Single line text” because if we choose number, we can’t add the formatting for the phone number.

*Note* After creating your custom property inside HubSpot, you’ll want to disconnect your integration and reconnect it. This is to ensure the most recent updates you’ve made apply.

Fill in a value for the property

Once your custom property is created, it needs a value. To set a value for this property, select a contact first, then select “View All Properties”.

1. Search for your newly created custom property. 

2. Once you’ve found it, you can fill in or edit the value for the specific contact.

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