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  1. Start by creating your custom contact property. Then create your contact based workflow in Hubspot.
  2. Set your enrollment triggers to manually, to select your contact list.
  3. Select the action in the workflow that Sends a Salesmsg SMS Text message.
  4. Make sure to select the phone number property that you use for the contacts phone number. 
  5. Set the Send as field with the Salesmsg number you would like to send your message from. 
  6. The Contact Token drop down will allow you to select the property you would like insert as a merge field. In this example we are using a  native merge field “First Name” as well as our custom merge field “Account Representative Contact Number”.

Save your message, review your workflow, and turn it on. 


Verifying your message sent with the custom property merged

To verify the message was sent with your merge fields, check the History tab of your workflow to verify the message has been sent. 

You can also verify the message has been sent by searching for the contact in your inbox folders. If you've had a previous conversation with the contact it will appear in your open folder or the outbound folder its a new outgoing message that hasn't received a response.

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