If you have an existing Aircall voice number and are interested in texting with your same number, we are compatible to text enable your Aircall number! 

The first step to text enabling your number is to reach out to your Aircall representative. Once Aircall has configured your number, Salesmsg will update your account with your number so you can start texting right away. 

How to start texting using your Aircall number?

  1. Confirm your number has been configured through Aircall
  2. Integrate your Aircall account with Salesmsg
  3. Review our help center for frequently asked questions
  4. Start sending messages

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Aircall?
You can read about Aircall, here

Is there a fee to use my Aircall number with Salesmsg?
We'll text enable your Aircall number at no cost! Just pay for your subscription and use an Aircall number to call and text your contacts. 

What other numbers can I text enable?
If you have a true landline number, we can text enable those! Or if you want to learn about porting over your number into Salesmsg from another carrier, you can read more about that, here

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