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How it Works

Salesmsg gives you a way to easily link and sync your Salesmsg contacts to a HubSpot contact. When the contacts are linked then this will automatically create activities on your Contact and Deal record.

From the contact record, click on Link Contact to locate the contact in your CRM. Select HubSpot and search for the contact to link and sync them together.

Please keep in mind that if you make changes to the contact in your CRM, the updates won't automatically sync to Salesmsg. You will need to re-link the contact to update your contact record with any recent changes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use merge fields with my messages?
How to Use Merge Fields & Fallbacks Within Messages

What if my merge fields are not populating the data from my contacts?
If you're using merge fields for your Canned Messages or Triggers and you don't see the proper data being pulled into your text, it could be that there were changes made to the contact within your integration.

To update your contact in Salesmsg so that the correct data is pulled into your message, verify that you are successfully integrated, and then un-link and re-link the contact. 

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