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Learn how to add multiple phone numbers to a single HubSpot contact and use Salesmsg Trigger messages to send a unique SMS/MMS message to each number. This is useful if you create a workflow designed to inform multiple parties associated with each other of something, maybe even simply introductions. For instance, three contacts: a buyer, an account representative, and an attorney. In a workflow designed to let each one know the contact in question has completed a step in the process.

What is a Trigger?
Each Trigger is where one would edit their pre-composed message to whichever individual they would configure it to send to.

Create your Triggers:
Target the desired parties number as the “Phone Field” property in the Salesmsg Trigger. This Trigger seen below is configured to send to my contacts “Phone Number” number. 

“Phone Number” is available on the HubSpot contact record by default.

For the custom phone number property to appear as a “Phone field” option be sure to title the custom property with the words ”Phone number'' in the property.
Ex: “Attorney phone number”, “Account representative phone number”

This is an example of a contact record that holds the three unique numbers.

Now create the next Trigger, and select the next unique phone property associated with the same contact. 

Now the last Trigger, to our final unique phone number property.

Three Triggers, each one configured to send a unique message to a unique phone number, associated with a single contact. 

Once your triggers are set up, Create your HubSpot Workflow 

Create your contact-based workflow with the “Trigger a Webhook” action to add your Salesmsg SMS webhook to your workflow.

Verify your messages were sent as intended

The first place to check is the HubSpot workflow history. If you observe your desired contact was enrolled, get processed by each action, and successfully completes the workflow your message was most likely sent.

Additionally, you could verify by searching for the contact in the search bar on the conversations page. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I create more custom properties for the contact record in HubSpot? https://help.salesmessage.com/en/articles/3500431-creating-a-hubspot-property

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