How can I tell who called me?

View who called your sms number through call forwarding.

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There are many ways to track which contact called you. This article covers just within Salesmsg but there are methods to create custom notifications, automatic texts for missed calls, and custom reports one can build to visualize which contacts are trying to reach you via a phone call.

Verifying which contact called the number

When a contact calls your Salesmsg number to get a hold of you, it appears as a Note in that contact's conversation. Even if you're using Call forwarding!

Where to find it

  1. Here on the conversations page be sure to verify your filter is toggled to β€œOpen”

  2. The note applied to the conversation thread is considered activity and therefore sorts that contacts conversation to the top.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Salesmsg have call screening?

Salesmsg call screening is in beta but can be enabled in the same modal as Call Forwarding

Can I call this contact back through Salesmsg?

On the Salesmsg mobile app, you can call a contact back directly from the conversation thread that has their conversation.

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