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Salesmsg has Call Forwarding for numbers that do not already have outbound/inbound calling features. When Salesmsg Call Forwarding is enabled, you might wonder if there is a way to tell who called you on the Salesmsg UI and there is. When a contact calls your Salesmsg number to get a hold of you it appears as a Note in that contacts conversation.

Where to find it

Here on the conversations page be sure to verify your filter is toggled to โ€œOpenโ€, while youโ€™re in the โ€œOpenโ€ filter conversations are sorted by most recent activity. This means the most recent message sent or received will be located at the top of the conversations. If the conversation is not in the open filter, when the note is applied to the contact who called you it will be located at the top. The note applied to the conversation thread is considered activity and therefore sorts that contacts conversation to the top.

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