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Some requirements up front, we’ll need to verify you’ve integrated your Salesmsg account with your Infusionsoft account. Head to integrations to verify if you’re connected the blue “connect” should be gone and your Infusionsoft app alias should be visible.

Create the campaign in Infusionsoft

  1. Navigate to “Campaign Builder"

2. Create a new Campaign with the "create your own" button.

3. Add a sequence to your new Campaign, select “Sequence” from the toolbox on the right. Then drag it over to the Campaigns Canvas.

4. Click the Sequence action and select “view and edit” on the Campaigns Canvas to navigate to the sequence level. Once there drag and drop the now available HTTP Post action to the right of the “Start” action.

5. From your Salesmsg Settings for Integrations, select the ellipsis, click “view webhook”, then copy it to your clipboard. The drop-down on the left of the webhook configures which Infusionsoft Phone Property the webhook will use for the contacts phone number. (Select the phone property that has the phone number that you want to text)

6. Navigate back to your Infusionsoft Campaign Canvas, and the HTTP Post action. Click the action and select “view and edit”

7. Paste the webhook into the field & toggle the switch from “draft” to “publish”. The HTTP Post action should now read “ready”

8. Navigate back up to the sequence level of the campaign canvas and select “publish” again.

9. Go to your Infusionsoft Contacts page and select the desired contacts you would like to enroll in the campaign. You could either search for specific contacts or checkmark many at once. Then select “actions” & “Start/stop a campaign sequence”

10. Select to start or stop, which Campaign and the sequence inside the Campaign should start or stop. Once the desired options are selected, click the “process action” button.

11. A Infusionsoft Campaign Analytics page should load and present you with information in regards to your Campaign.

Verify your contacts are now in Salesmsg & linked to their Infusionsoft counterparts.

One would review their Salesmsg contacts page to ensure the correct amount of contacts were received by Salesmsg, should any contacts not import the reporting from the campaign should help one determine why.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell if a specific contact successfully was added?

The fastest way would be to search for the contact on your Salesmsg Conversations page.

I enrolled many contacts and the Infusionsoft report says all the imports were successful but my contacts did not import?

Verify that the phone number field you selected when you copied the webhook is the same phone number field that your contacts have their phone number in.

Integrating with Infusionsoft

Send SMS messages from Infusionsoft Campaigns

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