10DLC Compliance Registration Timer

Due to Recent Changes You May See the 10DLC Registration Timer

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What is happening?

In order to ensure that our users can continue sending text messages using local numbers, we have implemented a 10DLC Compliance Registration Timer for all accounts without 10DLC A2P registration.

The deadline for registration is August 31, 2023. If you fail to register by that time, your app usage will be blocked, and only the Compliance page will be accessible.

Important note: Your phone numbers, conversations, and contacts will not be deleted even if your interface is blocked. Once you complete the registration process, you will regain full access to our Salesmsg app.

To learn more about the changes and requirements, please visit our support article.

Timer Modal

The Timer Modal will be displayed every time you log in to the app and every 8 hours during an active session. You have the option to dismiss the modal an unlimited number of times until the timer runs out.

  1. Amount of time left to register.

  2. Link to a help article.

  3. Redirect to Registration Page.

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