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Salesmsg is a simple, scalable, two-way business texting platform.

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Salesmsg is a simple, scalable, two-way business texting platform that makes it easy for you to connect with your clients and achieve quicker response times.

You can start having direct conversations with your leads or customers using real local phone numbers from your area or toll-free numbers and instantly close deals, book appointments, and build real relationships. We'll provide you with a number or help you text enable your own number.
Our web application is easy to use, intuitive, and flexible. We integrate with various CRM tools like HubSpot, Intercom, Infusionsoft, ActiveCampaign, Pipedrive, Make and Zapier,
so you can track the status of your leads and keep your conversations all in one place. Β 

Send SMS or MMS messages from your desktop or if you're on the go, download our mobile app to send messages directly from your phone.Β 

Sign up for a 14-day trial to unlock features like mass texting to reach a larger audience or integrate with your CRM to set up your text automation. Start texting your customers today!

Why use Salesmsg for business texting?

We provide you with a complete texting platform so you can have meaningful two-way conversations with your customers and send bulk messages to reach a larger audience. Our software is easy to use, designed for teams, and scalable. As you grow, Salesmsg will be there with you.

Hubspot Certified Integration βœ…

Send & Receive texts from a real local number(s) βœ…

Upload Unlimited Contacts βœ…

Use Canned Messages βœ…

Collaborative Inboxes βœ…

Call-Forwarding βœ…

SMS & MMS text messaging βœ…

CRM Text Automations βœ…

And more.......

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Salesmsg cost?

Plans start at $25/mo, check out and scroll toward the bottom to see all our plans and features.

Can I use my mobile number?

Not to send and receive SMS messages from your Salesmsg account, but you can download our mobile app to take Salesmsg with you where ever you go.
​What timezone are my messages sent and received in?
Your timezone is dictated by the timezone you selected in your Personal settings. If you've never configured this, the default is the timezone that your web browser is set to.

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