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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SMS broadcasting?
A Broadcast is a bulk message that allows you to send the same text to multiple contacts at a time. This is great for promotions, encouraging clients to book an appointment with you, or if you just want to send the same text to a group of contacts. 

How do I purchase more message credits?
If your subscription message credits are running low, you can add more message credits through the Billing Overview. You can purchase additional message credits anytime and they roll over into your renewals until they have all been used. 

How do message credits work?
Each outgoing and incoming text counts as a message credit depending on the length of the text. One outbound text could be anywhere from 153 to 160 characters based on whether or not you are using unique symbols. Any text with more than 160 characters will use an additional message credit. There's an indicator in the text box of how many message credits your text will use.

How do I downgrade my account?
Connect with our support team at [email protected], to go over your options to downgrade your account.

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