How do message credits work?

Learn how message credits are used.

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Subscription Message Credits

Every Salesmsg subscription includes a set amount of message credits that is replenished each month (or year, if you're on an Annual plan). Every month, you get a new batch of credits to spend down over that month. As a reminder, unused subscription credits do not roll over.

Outbound and Incoming texts

Each outgoing and incoming text counts as a message credit depending on the length of the text. One outbound text could be anywhere from 153 to 160 characters based on whether or not you are using unique symbols. Any text with more than 160 characters will use an additional message credit. There's an indicator in the text box of how many message credits your text will use.

Never miss a textΒ 

We have a great safety net to help your team never miss a call or text from your customers caused by running out of credits. With our Auto-Recharge feature, you never have to worry about missing interaction with your customers. You can set the threshold for when Salesmsg should automatically add credits and how many are to be added back onto the account so the replenishment fits your budget and messaging needs.

With our new payment method updates, you can set the Auto-Recharge to be paid for by a different card than the primary card. Additionally, purchased extra message credits via Auto-Recharge do roll over each time until they are completely used.Β 

How do I know how many credits I've used?

Fortunately, we have a great Analytics tool to showcase how many credits have been used across each of your numbers.

Pro-Tip: Avoid copy/pasting message templates from other writing tools into the text box. Additional formatting may carry over and increase the text file. We recommend creating a Canned Message to save a common response and insert the message into your text.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a message segment?

Segments are the total of message credits used to send your text. If you crafted a lengthy message and packed it into a single SMS, chances are your message is over the one-segment character limit of 160. In this case, sending your message will cost more than one segment. Make sure to view the text box indicator so you know how many segments will be used to send your message. We also recommend keeping your messages short to send your text with fewer segments or message credits.Β 

Why do I see a negative credit balance in my account?

In some cases, your Salesmsg account can run out of credits, not an issue when using our auto-recharge feature, but your customers are still texting you. In order to ensure you do not miss an inbound text, Salesmsg will receive those texts and will create a negative balance. When your account adds credits, we will deduct those credits from the applied amount.

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