If you receive an error message and your text was not delivered, hover over the red error to view what might have happened. Here are a few errors that you might have received.

30003 : Message Delivery - Unreachable destination handset : The destination carrier reports the “To” number is unreachable, the device is likely powered down, out of the service area, or may not accept your message.

30004 : Message Delivery - Message blocked : Your message has been blocked from reaching the destination by carrier.

30005 : Message Delivery - Unknown destination handset : The destination carrier is reporting the To number is unknown, or no longer in service.

30006 : Message Delivery - Landline or unreachable carrier : The destination is a landline phone, or the destination carrier can’t be reached.

30007 : Message Delivery - Carrier Violation : The destination carrier is filtering out your messages.

30008 : Message Delivery - Unknown error : The destination carrier has returned an undefined error message. 

If you'd like to learn more about SMS deliverability, error codes, and how to stop them, check out the webinar recording below. ⬇️

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