If you receive an error message and your text was not delivered, hover over the red error to view what might have happened. Here are a few errors that you might have received.

30003 : Message Delivery - Unreachable destination handset : The destination carrier reports the “To” number is unreachable, the device is likely powered down, out of the service area, or may not accept your message.

30004 : Message Delivery - Message blocked : Your message has been blocked from reaching the destination by carrier.

30005 : Message Delivery - Unknown destination handset : The destination carrier is reporting the To number is unknown, or no longer in service.

30006 : Message Delivery - Landline or unreachable carrier : The destination is a landline phone, or the destination carrier can’t be reached.

30007 : Message Delivery - Carrier Violation : The destination carrier is filtering out your messages.

30008 : Message Delivery - Unknown error : The destination carrier has returned an undefined error message. 

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