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Will text enabling my landline affect my voice line?
No, text enabling doesn't affect the voice capabilities of your landline. Salesmsg only hosts the SMS capabilities on your landline number. Your voice provider services will remain the same and text-enabling your number will not interfere with your voice plan. 

What does hosting SMS on my landline mean?
Hosting SMS means Salesmsg provides the messaging service for your number and it doesn't affect your voice capabilities or service at all. 

What numbers can I text enable with Salesmsg?
Salesmsg can text enable true landline numbers or numbers from Aircall with US and Canadian numbers. Get in touch with our support team to check the eligibility of your number. Mobile and VoIP numbers are not supported. 

What's the process of text enabling my landline look like?
Salesmsg provides a way for you to verify you own the landline and authorize texting for your landline number. We complete testing and then we add the number to your Salesmsg account. View the entire landline text enabling process, here

How long does it take to text enable my number?
If you complete the phone verification call and sign the letter of authorization, text enabling a landline number can take up to 1 business day after we test inbound connectivity, and provision to your account. Toll-Free numbers can take up to 3 business days to update.

Can I switch out my Salesmsg number to use my landline number?
Yes. If you decide later that you want to use your landline number, contact our support team to make sure the number is eligible to text enable and we'll start the process for you. 

Can I text enable a toll-free number?
Yes, however we only support US and Canadian toll-free numbers that are only compatible for SMS and not MMS.

What if I no longer want to text from my landline?
Because hosted texting doesn't interfere with your voice provider, you can chose to stop texting with your landline number at anytime. Please contact our support team if you wish to change your number or stop texting from your landline. 

How do I check to see if my landline number is eligible to text enable?
Get in touch with our support team to look up your number to check if it's eligible to text-enable. You can reach support via live chat or you can send an email to [email protected].


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