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Port your phone number to Salesmsg
Port your phone number to Salesmsg

How to port your phone number to Salesmsg.

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If you have an existing number you would like to keep and move it to Salesmsg, contact support to get the process started. 

If you are new to the porting process, please read below for a quick overview.

What To Expect

When porting a number, the provider through which you currently have service is referred to as the ‘losing’ carrier while the new provider that you're porting a number to is referred to as the ‘winning’ carrier.

All port requests originate from the ‘winning’ carrier (in this case Salesmsg). You cannot initiate a port request from the ‘losing’ carrier. Some information related to your current service will be required:

  1. Phone Number(s) to be Ported

  2. Name for Application:
    For Residential: First and Last name of the customer
    Business: Business Name of customer’s company.

  3. Address: Street, City, State, and Zip Code

We also require the following information about the number:

  1. Account Number (where the Phone Number currently resides)

  2. Account PIN (or last four of SSN if no PIN exists for vendor)

We also require some Documents:

  1. Filled out Letter of Authorization (obtain this from [email protected])

  2. Billing Documents: The latest monthly bill which includes the phone number(s). If your provider does not provide them with a bill, please provide a receipt of the phone number purchase and/or a screenshot of their account portal with the phone numbers included.

How to get started

To SMS enable your existing number, submit your information to our Support team here.

If you want to port your Phone Number to Salesmsg, submit your information here.

Number Porting option can be also accessed via Settings of your Salesmsg account.


What numbers can I port into Salesmsg?

If you'd like to keep your existing phone numbers away from the current service you are using, you can port them into Salesmsg. In most cases, this includes VOIP phone numbers. 

If you'd like to use your existing Landline phone number, we do allow you to text-enabled these numbers.

We do not recommend porting your Mobile phone number into Salesmsg as you will need a new mobile number.

Local & toll-free phone number porting

Salesmsg can initiate port requests for US-based local or toll-free numbers. For either of these options, please contact support to start the process.

Can I port a Google Voice number?

Yes, you can port a Google Voice number. Before requesting a port for your Google Voice number, you'll first need to unlock it through your Google account.

IMPORTANT: You must submit a screenshot of the page that confirms you have unlocked the numbers in your Google account. Please take a screenshot of the Google Voice settings page making sure the unlocked phone numbers and your email address appear in the screenshot.

How much does porting into Salesmsg cost?

It's FREE! There is no charge to submit a porting request for US residents. Canadian resident? Contact our sales team to inquire about our variable rates.

Once the number is ported to Salesmsg, you will be charged the standard member rate as per usual.

Can I port out my Salesmsg number(s)?

Yes, you can port out Salesmsg numbers. If you would like to port out your Salesmsg number, please contact our support team and we will work with you to port out your phone numbers. There will be a fee incurred for porting your number(s) away from Salesmsg.

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