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Let's have a closer look at everything your Salesmsg-given number can do in terms of voice features!

Make and Receive Phone Calls

Make a call with a single press with the brand-new call button from any conversation thread.

And in case you were wondering, this is what an inbound phone call looks like. To accept a call, you'll have to press the Green Button with a Phone icon.

Voice Call Settings

  • Speakers: This is the Output Settings. Set this up to where you would prefer to hear the call.

  • Microphone: This is the input Settings. Set this up to your preferred microphone you are going to speak in the call with.

  • Record Automatically: As the name suggests, this will automatically keep a record of all calls.

Phone Call Menu

The menu shows you the direction the call is going, the contact's registered name and phone number in Salesmsg, in addition to the current inbox used on the call.

Here is the description of the lower buttons:

  • (a) Mute Microphone: This will mute your microphone so that the contact will not listen to you until unmuted.

  • (b) Record Call: This will allow you or any member in the inbox to download a copy of the phone call.

  • (c) Dial Pad: This will allow you to press a key in the event you will encounter an IVR or a phone tree.

  • (d) End Call: As the name states, this will end the active call.

Record Your Phone Calls

There are two options to be able to record your phone calls.

You can set up to record your calls automatically under the Call Settings drop-down menu or you can record your calls on demand by clicking on the record button in the phone call menu.

Once the call has been recorded you can listen to the recording, mute the sound or download the recording from the Conversation thread.

Downloads save in your browser's downloads destination in a .mp3 format.

Use the Salesmsg Call button for Aircall phone calls!

If you have an AirCall text-enabled number, you can simply click on the call button and Salesmsg will automatically forward you to the AirCall window in addition to copying the number on your clipboard. All you have to do is paste the number to be able to make a call with AirCall!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does calling cost?

Phone calls are 1 credit per minute.

How can I enable microphone access when I have this error?

Enable your microphone by clicking the padlock next to our URL in the browser, locating the microphone icon, and setting it to "allow".

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