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Inbound/Outbound Calling with Salesmsg
Inbound/Outbound Calling with Salesmsg

Give, receive, and record voice phone calls with your Salesmsg number!

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Let's have a closer look at everything your Salesmsg-given number can do in terms of voice features!

Calling Features Order of Operation

Make and Receive Phone Calls

To make an outbound call the customer you are currently chatting with, just click on the phone icon on the top right corner on the conversation timeline. Otherwise, you can use the dialpad to call any number even if the contact is not yet saved on Salesmsg


With dialpad, you can make a call to any number, even if it is not on your contacts list.

Voice Call Settings

  • Speakers: This is the Output Settings. Set this up to where you would prefer to hear the call.

  • Microphone: This is the input Settings. Set this up to your preferred microphone you are going to speak in the call with.

  • Record Automatically: As the name suggests, this will automatically keep a record of all calls.

Phone Call Menu

The menu shows you the direction the call is going, the contact's registered name and phone number in Salesmsg, in addition to the current inbox used on the call.

Below you have 2 rows of buttons that give you access to our calling functionality. Startig from the top left:

  • Call Waiting (pause): This will put your contact on hold and will mute your microphone. You can press the same button again to resume call.

  • Call Transfer: This button allows you to forward your current call to any of your inboxes or external number of your choice.

  • Add people to call: This button allows you to convert your current call into conference call and add participants. As with the transfer funciton you can add any Inbox to the call or external number of your choice.

  • Mute Microphone: This will mute your microphone so that the contact will not listen to you until unmuted.

  • Record Call: This will allow you or any member in the inbox to download a copy of the phone call.

  • Dial Pad: This will allow you to press a key in the event you will encounter an IVR or a phone tree.

  • End Call: As the name states, this will end the active call.

Record Your Phone Calls

There are two options to be able to record your phone calls.
You can set up to record your calls automatically under the Call Settings drop-down menu or you can record your calls on demand by clicking on the record button in the phone call menu.

Turn on automatic call recording...

...or record the call manually.

Once the call has been recorded you can listen to the recording, mute the sound or download the recording from the Conversation thread.

Downloads save in your browser's downloads destination in a .mp3 format.

When recording a call, it is crucial to ensure optimal audio quality by avoiding any additional background noise or interference. To achieve the best results, make sure there are no other tabs or applications playing music or sound in the background on your computer. Having such tabs open can severely degrade the quality of the recording, causing distortions or unwanted audio artifacts. By minimizing any potential audio distractions, you can ensure a clear and high-quality recording of your call.

Call Waiting

With our Call Waiting feature, you can seamlessly place any call on hold, granting you the flexibility to momentarily step away or conduct important research. While on hold, your caller will be treated to soothing hold music, ensuring a pleasant experience for them. Additionally, for those who utilize our automated call recording feature, it's important to note that the call will continue to be recorded even when on hold.

Call Transfer

Introducing the Call Transfer feature, designed to enhance your communication capabilities within Salesmsg. With this functionality, you can effortlessly redirect any active call either to a different Salesmsg inbox or to an external phone number. It's important to note that our current system supports "cold" call forwarding. This means that the transition happens seamlessly; however, there won't be an option for you to brief the recipient about the nature or context of the forwarded call.

Conference Calling

Our calling capabilities now include a conference call feature. This functionality lets you integrate an inbox into an ongoing call or include an external phone number. For call transfers via conference, you can place the current caller on hold, introduce a third party to discuss the issue, and then exit the call. The conference remains active, allowing your teammate to assist the contact.

You also have the option to keep the call active for other participants or end it for everyone. This feature allows you to engage your colleagues for assistance.

If either of you, as the final two participants, exits the conference, it will conclude. At the end of the conference you will see apropriate timeline showing the participants and a call recording if the conference was recorded.

To enable conference caling go to Settings - Inboxes - Particular Inbox Settings, locate "Calling" window in settings and turn Conference calling on.

Call Transcription BETA

You can now take advantage of our latest feature, call transcription, to enhance your communication experience. Enabling call recording transcription is quick and easy. Simply navigate to the "Inbox" section of your account, click on "Settings", scroll down to "Calling" and find Voice to Text option. Transcription will also be automatically created for any voicemail messages as well.

By activating this feature, you can automatically convert your recorded calls into text transcripts, making it effortless to review and reference important conversations. This powerful tool is designed to improve productivity and help you maintain accurate records of phone discussions. In addition, the Transcript window allows you to copy transcription to the clipboard and download a .txt file with the text.

For additional convenience, we will display a "No text to transcribe." message for recordings with no voice recorded. This way, you don't need to listen to the whole file just to realize that it is empty.


To be on top of things, you can ask a customer to leave to a voice message if you are not able to answer the call. You can choose a ring duration and register a greeting up to 3 minutes long.

Please be aware that if voicemail is activated, all declined calls will automatically be forwarded to your voicemail.

Call Whisper

You can add a personalized voice message before forwarding calls to voicemail. This is helpful if you want to provide context to assist the recipient of the forwarded call.

Use the Salesmsg Call button for Aircall phone calls!

If you have an AirCall text-enabled number, you can simply click on the call button and Salesmsg will automatically forward you to the AirCall window in addition to copying the number on your clipboard. All you have to do is paste the number to be able to make a call with AirCall!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does calling cost?

Phone calls are 1 credit per minute.

How can I enable microphone access when I have this error?

Enable your microphone by clicking the padlock next to our URL in the browser, locating the microphone icon, and setting it to "allow".

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