Set up call-forwarding

Set up call forwarding for your SMS number to a voice number.

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Set up call forwarding today, so when your contacts try to dial you they can reach you at your desired line.


Salesmsg call forwarding can be configured and enabled in less than five minutes and is an excellent tool to ensure your customers never meet any friction attempting to contact you.

Next Steps

  1. Navigate to the Inboxes page in your Salesmsg account

  2. Locate the Inbox on the page that has the phone number you'd like to set up call forwarding on.

  3. Click the title of that inbox to access its settings

  4. Select the "numbers" tab, then select the vertical ellipsis

Setting call forwarding for this number in the Inbox settings.

Beta Call Screening

The Call Screening feature lets you know the call is coming from Salesmsg. With Call Screening enabled when you answer the line you'll be informed you are receiving a call from Salesmsg and if you'd like to accept press one.

This is great if you're using your personal cell phone as the forwarding line so you're not caught off guard during personal times.

Frequently Asked Questions

My contacts call me, but can't leave a voice mail?

This can be remedied by disabling the beta feature Call Screening.

Does call forwarding cost anything?

Yes, we charge 2 message credits per minute while you're connected.

Can I have a Salesmsg number that has native voice features and forget Call forwarding?

Yes, check out the related articles section for more details on your phone number options.

What happens when someone calls my SMS number?
If you haven't set up call-forwarding yet and someone calls your SMS number, the call will drop or the recipient will hear a prompt that the number is not reachable. If you enable call-forwarding and someone calls your SMS number, the call will be routed to your voice number.

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