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You may be wondering, "What happens when someone calls my Salesmsg number?"

With our Call Forwarding feature, you can set it up so calls get forwarding to another number so you never miss a call.

Step 1: Head over to Settings > Numbers 

In your settings account, go the to Numbers page to see you and your teams phone numbers.

Step 2: Edit Your Number Settings

To the right of the phone number, click on the 3 dots to edit the Call Forwarding settings. 

Step 3: Set Your Call Forwarding Options

On these settings you can set the destination number on where you want your calls routed.

Enter the phone number you want to forward your Salesmsg calls to. 

Call Screening (optional)
When enabled, you will be prompted to accept the call when answering the forwarded call. "You have a call from Salesmsg. To accept press 1."

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What are the costs for call forwarding?
For USA and Canada calling, the rate is $0.050/minute. 

Does call forwarding apply if I have my landline enabled?
If you are using your landline phone carrier for calling, Salesmsg call forwarding will be disabled for these numbers.

Is call forwarding available on my Shared Inbox?
Yes, you can set up call forwarding on your Shared Inbox phone number.

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