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Salesmsg now offers voicemail for each of your phone numbers. This feature allows you to create separate voicemail messages for open and closed hours, record those messages in our application, upload a message you already have, title your greeting to manage multiple greeting messages, and even forward voicemail messages to your email.


We're excited to dive into voicemail setup for all your lines! Thankfully now when users call but don't get their call answered they can be provided instructions via your voicemail message and of course leave a recorded message for your voicemail.

Getting started

  1. Find your profile and navigate to settings.

  2. Locate the inbox that has the phone number you'd like to configure voicemail for on the Inboxes page.

  3. Here you'll see a list of your inboxes, along with their associated phone number.

  4. Once you've selected the desired inbox, toggle over to the "settings" tab.

  5. Toggle the Voicemail option from off to on to reveal more settings.

Additional settings

Here we'll discuss adding custom voicemail messages, automatically sending your calls to voicemail, and sending recordings of your Salesmsg voicemail messages to your email inbox.

Custom voicemail message

The default message for both open-hours greetings and after-hours greetings is the same. If you'd like to edit these, open the drop-down and select the "new voicemail greeting" option.

If you select a new voicemail greeting, you can record a message in Salesmsg or select a file from your computer.

Sending all inbound calls to voicemail & Sending voicemail to your email inbox

Each of these preferences are set by binary toggles.

Screenshot on 2022-01-21 at 11-52-25.png

Frequently Asked Questions

Whos email does it forward to?

It forwards to the email address on file for whichever user is the "inbox owner" notated on the Inboxes page.

How long are voicemails kept?

Forever, unless you delete the associated contact record.

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