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Choosing your number

Salesmsg can use numbers you already have or we can provide you with a variety phone numbers.

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Every Salesmsg user is required to have a phone number. Upon registering a new account, one is prompted to select either a Toll-Free or Local Area Code phone number. Phone numbers both local and Toll-free are included in your member or subscription fee.
To use a phone number you already own refer to the related articles section at the bottom or immediately review options to enable your Landlines, AirCall numbers, and VoIP numbers!

Salesmsg Provided Numbers

  1. Log into your new account and select Toll-Free or Local Area Code numbers
    ​Selecting a local number you'll need to specify if you want a United States number or Canadian and then enter the desired area code.

  2. If you don't like any of the options returned, you can refresh to look for more!

  3. Once you've found one you like press "Select Number"

Using Your Own Number

Salesmsg offers self-service methods to enable your Landline numbers and AirCall numbers!
If you're using a VoIP phone number purchased from an online voice service provider like 8x8, Ring Central, or S-Net we can SMS enable these numbers too while retaining voice service with the original service provider. We will need to make a coordinated effort with their Support team to configure your number for SMS on Salesmsg if you want to retain voice features with the original provider.

To SMS enable your existing number, submit your information to our Support team here

Frequently Asked Questions

The number I brought to Salesmsg from my VoIP service provider suddenly stopped working?

This is a very strong indicator that your voice service provider made an upstream carrier network change to your number that disrupted the configuration previously set up for Salesmsg. Reach out to our team, we'll confirm this and help you work with your voice provider to restore SMS.

How long does it take to set up my own phone number?

It depends on who is the voice service provider, that fact will determine the steps Salesmsg will need to take to enable your number.

I picked a Salesmsg number, but I want to replace it with a different number?

To do this, reach out to our Support team. In most circumstances there will be a $5 fee charged to the card on file to replace a Salesmsg provided phone number with another Salesmsg provided number.

Will Salesmsg help me work with my VoIP service provider to enable my number for Salesmsg texting?
Yes, we absolutely will and we'll do it free of charge.

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