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Integrating with Twilio
Integrating with Twilio

Bring your Twilio Account Straight to Salesmsg. Enjoy Salesmsg Features Without Migration Hussle.

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Twilio Integration with Salesmsg: A Unique Approach

Unlike our standard suite of integrations, the Twilio integration offers an easy way to link your Twilio account with the Salesmsg platform, granting access to the comprehensive features of a regular Salesmsg account while retaining your numbers, rates and compliance.

Key Benefits:

  1. Retain Your Numbers: With this integration, there's no need to port numbers. Salesmsg will seamlessly configure any number you opt to use in our UI.

  2. Compliance Made Easy: If your numbers are already registered under 10DLC or have toll-free verification, they are ready to use. There's no need for additional verification processes.

  3. Maintain Your Rates: Users pay Salesmsg a flat platform fee for each message sent. All other billing aspects remain under your existing Twilio account.

Preparation Steps:

Before initiating the integration, consult with our Sales team to understand the latest pricing for our flat platform fee per message segment and call. Once you have a subscription plan in place, you're set to connect.

Connecting Your Account:

To integrate your Twilio account, you'll need to create a new Salesmsg account, even if you already have one. Start the process at the special link.

After account creation, you'll need to input your Twilio Account SID and Auth Token in a crucial, non-dismissable modal. These can be found under your Twilio account settings in the 'Account Info' section.

Once the correct data is inputted, you'll be directed to a page displaying all your Twilio numbers. Note, all settings for these numbers remain unchanged until you decide to assign them to a Salesmsg inbox. On assignment, Salesmsg will reconfigure the chosen number for both texting and calling.

Trial and Upgrade Process:

Your new integrated account will start on a trial basis, encompassing certain limitations like a watermark, 25 free credits, one inbox, and a 10 conversation limit per number. To upgrade to your custom plan, simply reach out to our support team.

Access to Salesmsg Features:

With this integration, you'll have access to a full range of Salesmsg features, including:

  • Text messaging with conversation triaging, broadcasting, and text AI.

  • Calling capabilities including smart number pick, conference calling, and IVR.

  • A wide array of external integrations, such as Hubspot, Salesforce, and Intercom.

  • Ringless voicemails.

  • Triggers, keywords, and webhooks.

  • And much more!

Notable Differences:

Despite the extensive features, there are a few distinctions for Twilio integrated accounts:

  • No Compliance Info in Salesmsg UI: Currently, compliance details will not be displayed within the Salesmsg settings.

  • Fixed Twilio Integration Settings: Unlike other systems, the Twilio integration settings cannot be altered. Number selections are made on the unassigned numbers page.

  • No Disconnect Option: To disconnect your Twilio integration, you'll need to cancel your Salesmsg account.

  • No Short Code Support: The current version of the integration does not support short codes.

We're excited for you to experience the benefits of connecting Twilio with Salesmsg. Our Sales team is ready to guide you on this journey to enhance your business communications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase more numbers?

Yes. Simply add more numbers in your Twilio account and go to Unassigned Numbers page to assign them to Salesmsg Inbox.

How can I refresh my numbers in Unassigned tab if I don't see my new number?

Find and click the small refresh icon in the top right corner of the Unassigned number Table.

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