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With Salesmsg you get the freedom to send and receive messages from anywhere at any time using our Android app.

Step 1: Download the App

To download the Salesmsg app, start by searching the Google Play app store for Salesmsg and install the app. Once installed, you can open the app to log in to your account.

Download the Android Mobile App

Step 2: Log in to the App

Once logged into the app, you'll first be prompted to log in to your account. You must have an active Salesmsg account to log in. Click here to sign up for Salesmsg. If you already have an account you can use Sign in with Google.

If you forgot your password, just click the forgot password link, enter your email address, and you'll receive an email with an option to reset your password.

Step 3: Navigating the App

Once logged in, you'll be able to create contacts and conversations in a few clicks, just like your native texting app on your phone.


Your personal inbox is where you will find the conversations for your personal Salesmsg phone number. Clicking on the title of your Inbox, you can toggle between your Personal & Shared Inboxes. You'll be able to...

  • Search and create new conversations
  • Search and create new contacts
  • Multi-Select conversations for bulk actions like...
    - Mark unread
    - Close
    - Apply Tags


On the contacts tab, you'll see a list of your existing contacts across your Salesmsg account. You can search for existing contacts or create new contacts on the fly. Selecting a contact gives one more options where you can...

  • Select to send an email from your desired platform
  • Call this contact from your mobile device
  • Opt-out the contact
  • Edit contact details


Inside a conversation thread, you'll find your Canned Messages, use Merge Fields, and send internal Notes! You'll also see an icon to add an image from your device for MMS.

To reach our support team, please email [email protected].

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