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How it Works

The Salesmsg Browser Extension allows you to access the essential features of the Salesmsg app without ever having to leave your CRM or web page. Once installed, the extension displays a blue Salesmsg icon icon next to each mobile phone number on your CRM.

Clicking the icon opens the extension window, allowing you to continue a text message or start a new one; create, edit and view contact details; and manage all conversations. 

Download The Chrome Extension

If you haven't switched your internet browser to Google Chrome, we highly recommend switching over for the best application experience. After you have installed your Chrome extension, log in using your Salesmsg account credentials. Then to send a message, simply choose a contact and start texting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of messages can I send through the extension?

The extension is meant for two-way conversations. You can have multiple individual conversations and include emojis, pictures, and links too. 

Can I access my Shared Inbox numbers?

Yes, one can easily toggle between your Personal and Shared Inboxes that you are a member of.

Can I send a Broadcast from the Chrome extension?

Because the extension is meant for quicker two-way conversations, it does not support Broadcasts. Log into the web application to send a Broadcast message.

If I'm integrated with my CRM will my messages sent through the extension still appear in my CRM?

Yes. If you are integrated with your CRM and your contacts are properly linked, any texts sent through the Chrome extension will also appear in your CRM timeline or notes.

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