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Salesmsg Chrome Extension

Text from anywhere using our Google Chrome Extension

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How it Works

The Salesmsg Browser Extension allows you to access the essential features of the Salesmsg app without ever having to leave your CRM or web page. Once installed, the extension displays a blue Salesmsg icon next to each mobile phone number on your CRM.

Clicking the icon in your Chrome extensions pinned extensions area opens the extension window. Allowing you to see Salesmsg notifications, continue a text message or start a new one; create, edit and view contact details; and manage all conversations. 

Salesmsg Chrome Extension

If you haven't switched your internet browser to Google Chrome, we highly recommend switching over for the best application experience.

After you have installed your Chrome extension, log in using your Salesmsg account credentials. Then, to send a message, simply choose a contact and start texting.

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Chrome Extension Features


Navigate around to any of your Shared Inboxes as well as all the inbox filters! Open, Outbound, Unread, Closed, & Failed.


Of course, our Extension for Google Chrome allows you to send and receive SMS and MMS messages with your contacts, create Group Chats in 1 click, but did you know you also have access to your contact's data via the Salesmsg merge field feature? Open the merge field menu { }, found on the conversation page, and search for your contact's data by searching their specific properties.

You also can access, as well as, search through your Canned Messages and the emoji board, create Internal Notes and tag members there, and use our AI Texting Assistant. 🔥

You can even jump to an existing conversation or start a new one straight from a search results.


Make and receive calls, you can record your calls and use the dial pad to navigate a menu using the calling feature on our Chrome Extension.

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Call Transcription

If you have enabled the Call Transcription feature in the settings you will see transcriptions for your calls and voicemails in your conversations.

Media Library

Access your media library. This practical addition allows you to quickly access files you've previously uploaded in the web app, making your workflow smoother and more efficient. Additionally, you can upload new files and easily attach them to your messages, improving communication with your team. Try our media library integration for a convenient and user-friendly experience.

Notifications Counter

You'll be able to view the number of unread messages from the pinned extension.

Phone Number Highlighter

With one click, open your Salesmsg conversations page and send a text to that phone number! Enable phone number highlighting around the web by clicking the gear cog and toggling on Number Highlighting!


From your contacts page, you can view, edit, opt-out, and delete contacts. Our Chrome Extension is as integrated with your CRM as our web application is! This means when integrated, you can Live-Search your CRM contacts from the extension

Message Forwarding

In our Chrome extension, you can forward messages to one or more numbers. This can be useful for sharing valuable information or providing context for other conversations.

Message Scheduling

Just like on Web, you can schedule a text to send out at a later time. This is helpful for appointment reminders or if you just want to preemptively set up when your next message is sent. Besides, you can use Stop on Response feature. Schedule messages, toggle it on, and watch the messaging magic unfold.

AI Texting Assistant

Our AI Text Assistant is now available through our Chrome Extension. Simply input your message and select from a range of available prompts to instantly enhance its quality. Elevate your messaging game and work smarter, not harder, with this cutting-edge feature.

Powerful Search

Search through Contacts, Tags, Inboxes and Members in one seamless window.


The Salesmsg Chrome extension is no longer stuck to the extension bar of your browser. When you open the extension it will pop out into its own window! I know what you're thinking and, that's right! One can now resize, maximize, minimize Salesmsg as its own window. 🔥

Tagging Members Conversations

Enhance team collaboration by tagging members in your Inbox, alerting them to view internal notes and assist with specific issues. You can also tag yourself to set reminders or highlight important messages for future reference. This feature streamlines communication and aids in efficient teamwork.

Observer Role

You can now invite Observers to your Chrome Extension. Observers, with their designated role, will have access to the same content as they see in our web application. Moreover, Observers can conveniently request full-fledged seat access directly from the Chrome Extension.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of messages can I send through the extension?

The extension is meant for two-way conversations. You can have multiple individual conversations and include emojis, pictures, and links too. 

Can I access my Shared Inbox numbers?

Yes, one can easily toggle between your Personal and Shared Inboxes that you are a member of.

Can I send a Broadcast from the Chrome extension?

Because the extension is meant for quicker two-way conversations, it does not support Broadcasts. Log in to the web application or use the Salesmsg mobile app to send a Broadcast message.

If I'm integrated with my CRM will my messages send through the extension still appear in my CRM?

Yes. If you are integrated with your CRM and your contacts are properly linked, any texts sent through the Chrome extension will also appear in your CRM timeline or notes.

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