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Introducing the Salesmsg API

To get more out of Salesmsg, you can use our API to do all sorts of useful things, like adding contacts, applying tags, sending messages, and more.

How to Access the API

From your Settings page, click on the Public API Tokens link, then click the Create Token button to generate your unique API token.

After your link has been generated you can start testing your API using our Live API Portal.

API Documentation

Frequently Asked Questions

What API functions are available?

Read our SMS API documentation to see what functions are available.

Do I need a subscription to use the API?

Yes, you will need an active subscription with Salesmsg to use the API

What languages are available with the API?

We offer a wide range of languages to implement the Salesmsg API...

  • cURL

  • C#

  • Go - Native

  • HTTP

  • Java

  • Javascript

  • Node

  • Objective C

  • PHP

  • Python

  • Ruby

  • Powershell

  • Shell

  • Swift

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