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The Salesmsg API

Learn more about how to do more with the Salesmsg API.

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Introducing the Salesmsg API

The Sales Message API is a powerful tool that allows you to access and manipulate the data and add Salesmsg to your custom automations. Our API is built using Postman, and offers improved response times and a wide range of new endpoints. To get more out of Salesmsg, you can use our API to do all sorts of useful things, like adding contacts, applying tags, sending messages, and more.

How to Access the API


Our API covers multiple authentication methods:

  • PAT (Personal Access Token) authorization type is to go for in case you want to integrate your personal existing account with Salesmsg in order to extend your app’s functionality. PAT are managed by the user, which means that they are tied to a user account. This makes Personal Access Tokens a good choice for development, as well as automation purposes, when an application does only require a single SalesMessage account to manage organizations.

  • OAuth2 authorization type is to go for in case you want to allow other users to authenticate against SalesMessage in order for your app to use the issued token as well as utilize the SalesMessage’s functionality.

Personal Access Token

From your Settings page, click on the Personal Access Tokens link, then click the Create Token button to generate your unique API token.

After your link has been generated you can start testing your API using our Live API Portal.


If you want to configure OAuth2, go to OAuth Applications and click Create Client. For more details check our API 2.0 documentation.


The Salesmsg API covers all functionality of Salesmsg, including the following:

  • Contacts

  • Conversations

  • Messages

  • Saved replies

  • And More.

All endpoints are covered in API 2.0 documentation.

API Documentation

Frequently Asked Questions

What API functions are available?

Every functionality that is available on Salesmsg is accessible via our SMS API documentation.

Do I need a subscription to use the API?

Yes, you will need an active subscription with Salesmsg to use the API

What languages are available with the API?

We offer a wide range of languages to implement the Salesmsg API...

  • C# (.net 2.0, 3.5 or later)

  • C++ (cpprest, Qt5, Tizen)

  • Go

  • Java (Jersey1.x, Jersey2.x, OkHttp, Retrofit1.x, Retrofit2.x, Feign, RestTemplate, RESTEasy, Vertx, Google API Client Library for Java, Rest-assured)

  • Kotlin

  • Node.js (ES5, ES6, AngularJS with Google Closure Compiler annotations)

  • PHP

  • PowerShell

  • Python

  • R

  • Ruby

  • Rust (rust, rust-server)

  • Scala (akka, http4s, swagger-async-httpclient)

  • Swift (2.x, 3.x, 4.x, 5.x)

  • Typescript (Angular1.x, Angular2.x, Fetch, jQuery, Node)

  • And More.

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