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Learn how to create an inbox, invite members, and more.

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Salesmsg Inboxes are the ultimate tool for collaborating with your colleagues on communicating with your customers. We've built this feature to accommodate individuals and large teams.

What is an Inbox?

Salesmsg Inboxes will give you and your team the ability to collaborate together on conversations.

You'll be able to toggle through your other inboxes, view, reply, and assign the conversations to another team member if you choose.

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Step 1: Create Your Inbox

From the Settings > Inboxes page, click the button New Inbox to create your inbox.

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Give your inbox a name, add your team members, and input the area code to search for a new phone number for your inbox.
If you have an AirCall Number, switch the Provider to AirCall and provide your AirCall Number information from AirCall.

After your inbox has been created, you'll see a page of new settings and features specifically for this Shared Inbox.

Step 2: Add Members To Your Inbox

From the Members tab on the Inbox, you can add additional team members. Click the Add Members button and add them to the inbox. You can also reassign ownership of this Inbox to another Salesmsg member.
Ownership will provide access to all settings as well as be "your" inbox for any dynamic sending options. Like HubSpot Send as Contact Owner options.

Step 3: Setup Call Forwarding & Add Additional Numbers

Select the ellipsis menu to reveal a "call forwarding" option auto-recharge is required for call forwarding.

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Adding additional numbers allows you to group many phone numbers into a single inbox.

Step 4: Additional Settings

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From this tab, one can edit the name of your Inbox. They are also able to set Business hours for this line, configure conversation assignment preferences, voice, voicemail as well as removing a Shared Inbox that may no longer be necessary.

Default Inbox

From the Inboxes page when you are an Inbox Owner of more then one inboxes you will need to declare one as your "Default Inbox" for dynamic sending options like "Send as Contact Owner" to work as expected. We will send messages from that contact owners "Default Inbox".

Sort & Search Inboxes

Inboxes are represented in a sortable and searchable grid that allows you to organize and easily access the inboxes in a table format. The grid allows you to sort the inboxes by different columns, such as inbox name or date created. The search bar on the top right of the page allows you to search for specific inboxes using keywords.

Frequently Asked Questions

Using Round Robin assignment can I, the Organization Owner, be excluded?

Yes, the Organization Owner can remove themselves from an Inbox which would make them not included in the Round Robin assignment of conversations.

Can I receive Email notifications from my Inbox?
Yes, you can, to ensure you're set up for email notifications go to settings -> Personal Settings -> Notifications and toggle on Email notifications!

What happens if a colleague and I are writing a message to the same contact at the same time?

Salesmsg will show you in the thread that your colleague is composing a message so you can avoid double sending.

How will I be notified when I receive a message in my Inbox?
You can expect to be notified the same way you are when messages are received to your other Inbox phone numbers. When one has multiple inboxes, and they are toggled on the inbox that does not have a new message we indicate your other inbox has a new message but putting the notification indicator on the Conversations page icon and on the Inbox icon.

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