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Personal & Shared Inbox filters to help you segment and locate your Text Messages

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Being able to find the conversations you're looking for quickly is a critical component to using a Business Texting Service. Salesmsg has two types of Inboxes, a Shared Inbox, and a Personal Inbox, the Shared Inbox has all the same filters as the Personal Inbox plus a few extra ones.

Why have filters?

These filters are intended to help you organize your conversations in a way that is intuitive so there is no guessing as to where to find a conversation.

Inbox Filters

Open: You'll find your active two-way conversations in your open folder. If you message a contact directly from the text field on the conversations page, this message will be in the Open filter even though the contact has not responded yet.

Unread: Your unread conversations will have a notification indicator next to them to indicate the text is new and unread. The unread filter strictly only has conversations that have not yet been read. You can also mark conversations as unread from your Open filter. Which will add them to your Unread filter without removing it from your Open filter.

Outbound: An outbound message is a text you've sent out from somewhere other than the Salesmsg conversations page that is waiting for a response. Using automation from your CRM, or sending a Broadcast message to send messages to contacts will place those conversations in your outbound filter.

Closed: A closed conversation means you have ended your two-way conversation and once you close the message thread it will go into the closed filter. If you'd like to pull a conversation out of the closed filter, search for that contact on the conversations page. When you select the contact, that will work to place the conversation at the top of your Open filter.
​Failed: Conversations that are in your failed filter are the ones where the most recent message you sent that contact failed to be delivered to your contacts mobile device. There are many reasons a text can fail, for more on that review the related articles section at the bottom of this article.
​Blocked: Blocked contacts will not receive messages from you. Even if they meet the criteria you set in a broadcast of other CRM automation. When a blocked contact would send you a text it will be filed into the blocked filter. When a blocked contact would attempt to call your number they will receive a caller unavailable message.

Unassigned: These are conversations that do not have a Salesmsg user assigned to them. Conversations that are taking place in a Shared Inbox have preferences for Conversation Assignment due to the collaborative nature of a Shared Inbox. Should there be no assignment preferences set, or a member of your team marks a conversation as "unassigned" it will file into this filter.
​Yours: These conversations are the ones that are assigned to you! Conversation assignments via Shared Inboxes can be configured by going to Settings -> Inboxes -> Select Inbox -> Inbox Settings and locating the "conversation assignment" section on that page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a filter where I can see all conversations?

Not at this time, but remember, your contact's conversation is always at your fingertips if you search for your contact on the Conversations page.

I just sent a bunch of messages with an automation but I don't see them in my outbound filter?

There are two main culprits regarding this issue:
1. Your automation is still processing and the messages will be there in more time.
2. The contacts your messaging have conversations that are in your Open filter and were never closed. If there is a conversation in the open filter, that's where the conversation will be when you send that contact a new message from an automation.

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