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You can use round robin assignment to ensure conversations are evenly distributed to each teammate within a shared inbox inbox. Once applied, new conversations will be assigned to each available teammate in alphabetical order.

How it Works

When new conversations come into your Shared Inbox phone number, Salesmsg will automatically round robin these conversations to the members starting from the top.

So in our example below...

  • FIRST: Chris Brisson will get the 1st conversation

  • SECOND: Mallory P will get the 2nd conversation

  • THIRD: Salesmsg UK Team will get the 3rd conversation

And then it will loop back around again.

Step 1: Edit the Shared Inbox Settings

Head over to Settings > Inboxes and select the Shared Inbox you wish to edit.

Step 2: Click on Settings

From the selected inbox, select the Settings link.

Step 3: Tun On Round Robin Assignment

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