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You can use HubSpot Contact Owner Assignment feature to automatically assign the inbox conversation based on the HubSpot contact owner.

Once applied, new conversations in the inbox will be assigned to the appropriate HubSpot contact owner automatically.

How it Works

If you are wanting to automatically assign the inbox conversation to the HubSpot contact owner, then this feature is for you.

Step 1: Map Your HubSpot Users To Salesmsg Users

As the admin of your organization's account and after you've integrated with HubSpot, you'll need to map your HubSpot users to your Salesmsg users to set up the HubSpot contact owner texts.

You can find this by going to Settings > Integrations > HubSpot Settings

Step 2: Update Your Inbox Settings

Under the Inbox settings Settings Tab, you'll have several options of conversation assignment logic. If you choose HubSpot, conversations will be assigned based on contact owners in HubSpot. You can assign a fallback option as well as choose other methods of conversation assignment, such as manual or Round Robin to best fit the needs of your team.

Contact Owner is a contact property one can use on HubSpot, its a list of your HubSpot users that can be assigned ownership of a specific contact.

Now when I enroll three unique contacts with two unique contact owners my Inbox assigns the conversation to the HubSpot Contact Owner automatically!

Even when a linked contact sends a message to your Inbox number the conversation is automatically assigned to the HubSpot Contact Owner!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the conversation assign to the Salesmsg Organization Owner and not the HubSpot Contact Owner?
You may have skipped mapping the HubSpot members to their correlating Salesmsg accounts.
You can map the members properly by going to Settings > Integrations > HubSpot Settings

Can I change contact owners in HubSpot and expect the Inbox Conversation assignment to update?
Yes, you can, if you notice the old contact owner still lingers send the contact a message from HubSpot and that will update it automatically.

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