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Over the last few weeks, we went back to the drawing board to rethink inboxes and we came up with something special:

Smart Inboxes πŸ€– + πŸ“¨

Smart inboxes are a step change from a regular inbox! We designed them from the ground up to give you the ability to:

☎️ Add multiple numbers to the same inbox

πŸ’Œ Personalize your messages with Sticky Sender & Localmsg

πŸ“ˆ Scale your broadcasts and campaigns with Scaler

πŸ€“ Gain total control over your Inboxes & Salesmsg seats

πŸ—„οΈ Organize your inboxes with Group Inbox

1) Going from Inbox to Smart Inbox

Any normal Inbox can be turned into a Smart Inbox. Navigate to your inboxes page, select the title of the Inbox you'd like to change into a Smart Inbox, and click the settings tab.

New Smart Inbox Settings

  1. Add phone numbers option

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    When you click the "add numbers" button, you'll first be prompted to either add a number you already own or purchase a new number (Local or Toll-free)

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  2. Once you add your first additional number your normal inbox is officially a smart inbox and you've unlocked some new features

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  3. To add even more numbers, navigate from from your Smart Inboxes settings page to your Numbers tab.

2) Co-pilot Features

Co-pilot features as the name suggests, do that hard work for you making making the inbox smart and these features include Sticky Sender, Localmsg, and Scaler.

Sticky Sender

With multiple numbers in a Smart Inbox, the Sticky Sender feature ensures that your customers will always receive messages from a recognizable number by fixing the number used for the first message. You can find the number used to send messages displayed on the top right corner of the Contact record.


Localmsg uses area code matching to help you achieve local presence in North America and build trust with your customers. Leverage Smart Inboxes to cover all the areas your business operates in.

Enabling Localmsg happens by default when you add more than one number to an Inbox, making it a Smart Inbox.
To disable local presence, toggle the option from on to off. When local presence is off instead of matching area codes of Salesmsg numbers to contacts area codes, new conversations with contacts will evenly disburse among your inboxes available numbers.

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Scaler balances the load of your mass communication whether that is a Salesmsg Broadcast or CRM based workflow on all the your Smart Inbox numbers.

Simply Select a Smart Inbox as your Send As number to take advantage of Scaler:

Overriding Co-pilot

While Co-pilot offers significant convenience and serves as the default method for sending messages and making calls, there are instances where you may wish to bypass its automated logic. In such cases, you can manually select any number from your Smart Inbox. This option is available for initiating both new conversations and new calls.

3) Inbox & Seat Separation

One of the biggest updates that came with Smart Inboxes is the separation of Inboxes & Seats. You can now easily add and drop team members and move users between inboxes with ease.

Dropping Salesmsg Members

As an Owner and Admin, you can now drop Salesmsg users, easily reassign their work to an existing member and keep their Salesmsg seat for another member on your team you'd like to invite to Salesmsg

Inviting New Members

Similarly, when you invite new members you no longer need to create new inboxes for them. Simply assign them to any of your existing inboxes and use one of your available Seats.

4) Group Inbox

To help you get organized and extend the power of Unified Inbox, we introduced Group Inbox which allows you to create unified views but for a subset of inboxes with similar intent.

5) Ring Groups

To set up a group of team members who will receive inbox calls within an inbox, we introduced Ring Group which allows you to choose up to 10 members who will get notified about the inbound calls.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Smart Inbox will be used for my outbound message?

The number used by the smart inbox will based on the following rule

  1. Sticky Sender: the first number used to communicate with a contact will be fixed moving forward, if no messages where sent to that contact then the Smart Inbox will revert to Localmsg

  2. Localmsg: a local phone number with an area code that either matches or is an overlay of the recipient is Selected. If the overlay number is not present, Localmsg will default to Scaler

  3. Scaler: If Localmsg is not enabled or no number with a matching area code or overlay exists, then one of the other numbers in the smart inbox will be used in a round robin approach

How much does a Smart Inbox cost?
Smart Inboxes are currently free. There is a fee for every new number you add to your list of numbers on salesmsg which depends on your plan:
Monthly: $5/mo for each additional phone number
Annually: $50/yr for each additional phone number

Can I reassign a number to a different inbox?

Yes, navigate to your numbers page and tab over to "unassigned". Then select the option to assign your number to your desired Inbox.

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