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Assign Inbox conversations using Message Sentiment
Assign Inbox conversations using Message Sentiment

Learn how to use message sentiment to assign your new conversations

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You can use Smart Assignment feature to automatically determine the sentiment of the inbound message and assign new conversation accordingly.

How it Works

When new conversations come into your Inbox phone number, Salesmsg will automatically check the sentiment of the incoming message and assign it to the person you chose in the settings.

So in our example below...

  • Positive Sentiment Conversations will be assigned to Jonah

  • Neutral Sentiment Conversations will be assigned to Adrian

  • Negative Sentiment Conversations will stay unassigned

Step 1: Edit the Inbox Settings

Head over to Settings > Inboxes and select the Inbox you wish to edit.

Step 2: Click on Settings

From the selected inbox, select the Settings link.

Step 3: Turn On Smart Conversation Assignment

Then scroll down to Conversation Assignment and enable Smart Assignment under Manual tab.

Step 4: Set Appropriate Assignee

As shown in our example above you can chose any member of the Inbox to be the assignee for certain conversation sentiment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I set a default assignee and enable Smart Conversation Assignment?
Yes, but it will only work if the sentiment could not be determined for any reason.

What happens to Unassigned conversation?

If you chose to leave any sentiment Unassigned you can find these conversations in your "Unassigned" filter in Conversations window.

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