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Advanced Conversation Search
Advanced Conversation Search

Search for key words or phrases to find them in your texting history

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From the Salesmsg conversations page, use the search bar in the top right corner to search for words or phrases used in your texts!

You can now also search by:

  • Contacts

  • Tags

  • Inboxes

  • Assigned Members

  • Date

To quickly search a contact, simply start typing that contacts name and relevant results will come up at the top. You can click on the chat icon to start a conversation with that contact right from the search bar.

Need to find a conversation from the past? You've got several options, including searching by today or yesterday's messages, the last 30 days' worth of communications and even up to 90 days back. To get specific about time frames, use our custom search option – select start and end dates in the calendar so you'll see results from only those periods.

Frequently Asked Questions

I can not find what I am searching for?

The conversation details are indexed near real-time, but sometimes it might take a bit longer. Try your search a bit later or change the search criteria.

Are the search results exact?

The search results are approximate, and the most relevant results will be displayed a the top.

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