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Two-Way CRM Contact Syncing
Two-Way CRM Contact Syncing

Sync your contacts from HubSpot, Active Campaign, Keap/Infusionsoft, and Pipedrive with Salesmsg

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When you integrate Salesmsg with your CRM instantly access your contacts in your CRM. Two-way contact sync is supported for HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, PipeDrive, and Keap/Infusionsoft immediately after integrating with your CRM.

Live search

Even when integrated with multiple Customer Relationship Management tools you can instantly access your contact record from any platform by searching for their name or phone number.

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*NOTE A contact on Salesmsg can only be linked with one CRM at a time. Should you see "contact already linked" issue it's because the contact is linked with a contact on a different CRM. ​

Contact syncing preferences

From your Salesmsg settings for integrations click the ellipsis for the CRM you'd like to change contact syncing preferences for and select settings.
The first drop down is asking you to decide if when you edit a contact records information on Salesmsg should we apply that edit to the contact record on the CRM the contact is linked with.
The second drop-down is asking if when a new contact is added to Salesmsg should we add that contact to your CRM.

Frequently Asked Questions

I moved from one CRM to another and now all my contacts say "contact is already linked" when I try to access the new CRM version of my contacts.

In most circumstances, we can automatically link the contacts to the appropriate CRM by using the "add a contact" webhook and CRM automation.

What other information can I use to live search?

First name, last name, and phone number. Additionally even if you only sort-of know who you're looking for we'll return suggested results with a minimum of 3 characters.

What if I don't want any kind of contact syncing at all?

There are options in the contact syncing preferences to "do nothing" when the events for new Salesmsg contact or edited Salesmsg contact occurs.

Once connected, will all my contacts be available in Salesmsg?

No, you'll still need to execute one of the following actions to access your contacts in Salesmsg. Import via web-hook & automation, selecting a contact from "live search" or opening the salesmsg extension in HubSpot.

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