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How to import ActiveCampaign contacts
How to import ActiveCampaign contacts

Import and sync your ActiveCampaign contacts using a trigger webhook.

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Salesmsg allows you to easily import and link your ActiveCampaign contacts to Salesmsg using an Automation.

First, if you have not yet integrated your ActiveCampaign account to Salesmsg, you can learn how to do that in this article Integrating ActiveCampaign with Salesmsg.

How To Get Your Add Contact Webhook

After you've integrated your ActiveCampaign account, you'll be able to copy a webhook URL which is used to add contacts to Salesmsg.

Step 1: Click View Webhook

To the right of your ActiveCampaign integration, click on the 3 dots to reveal the View Webhook option.

Step 2: Select the Phone Field and Click Copy

The Phone Field is where your contacts phone number exists on your ActiveCampaign account. After you've selected the field, click the Copy button and the Webhook URL will be copied to your clipboard.

Add Your Salesmsg Webhook to Your Automation Campaign

Now that you've created your Salesmsg webhook and copied your Webhook URL, let's hop over to your ActiveCampaign account to add this to your Automation campaign.

Step 1: Add a Webhook in Your Automation

From your Automation campaign, drag over the Webhook widget to where you want to add your ActiveCampaign contacts to Salesmsg.

Usually, this is the first action in your Automation since this action is to only add contacts to your Salesmsg account.

Step 2: Paste in Your Salesmsg Trigger Webhook URL

Simply paste in the copied webhook URL and click Save.

Once complete, make your Automation ACTIVE and go to the next step.

Step 3: Add Contacts To Your Automation

From your ActiveCampaign Contacts page, select the contacts you wish to add to your Automation, click Edit, and add them to your Automation.

After these contacts are added to your ActiveCampaign Automation the Salesmsg webhook will automatically add and link your contacts.

That's all for now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my contacts receive a text message when this webhook is triggered?

No. We will only ADD your contacts to your Salesmsg account when this is triggered. If you want to text them from your Automation campaigns, then you'll want to create a Salesmsg Trigger or integrate them directly into your Automation campaign.Β 

When I import contacts, will this sync & link with my ActiveCampaign contacts?

Yes, this will connect and sync the contacts that are imported into Salesmsg.

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