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Integrate Salesmsg with Keap

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With the Salesmsg Infusionsoft/Keap integration, you can add text messaging to your Campaigns, have two-way texts with your leads and contacts, and automatically store your conversations on the contact records as notes.

Let's dive into how to integrate your Infusionsoft/Keap account with Salesmsg...

How to Integrate Your Infusionsoft/Keap Account

Step 1: Go To Your Settings

On the bottom left of your page, click on your Avatar and select settings.

Step 2: Select Integrations

Head over to Settings > Integrations to see the available integrations.

Step 3: Connect Infusionsoft/Keap

Click the Connect button for integrating Infusionsoft/Keap...

Step 4: Select Your Account and Click Allow

Click Allow and you're done!

Contact Note Creation

In your Infusionsoft/Keap settings, you can set your Note Creation settings.

Salesmsg will create a new of your conversation so you can see in your Infusionsoft/Keap notes what messages were sent and received by your contacts.

Note Per Message

For every incoming and outgoing message, Salesmsg will create a note on the Infusionsoft/Keap contact record.

Daily Conversation Recap

Every day at 9PM EST a bundle containing all messages will be created on the contact record.

Mapping Your Infusionsoft/Keap Users to Salesmsg Members

With the Infusionsoft/Keap integration, Salesmsg gives you the ability to send texts based on the Lead Owner. For example, if Mike owns the Lead then send the text from Mike's Salesmsg Phone Number.

And the first step to set this up, is to map your users. Simply map your users so Salesmsg knows which Infusionsoft/Keap user is assigned to the right Salesmsg member.


Infusionsoft/Keap is connected to another account, what is this?

The Salesmsg user can only connect to one Infusionsoft user at a time. You won't be able to connect the same Infusionsoft user to multiple Salesmsg users.Β 

Can I apply Infusionsoft/Keap Tags from Salesmsg?

Yes, you can, however, the contact will need to be an Infusionsoft/Keap - Salesmsg linked contact.

How can I tell if my integration is disconnected?

Should an error occur on Keap/Infusionsoft or Salesmsg that disconnects your integration, the next time you log in to Salesmsg you'll see a large status bar at the top of your Salesmsg conversation page indicating your integration has disconnected.

Do I need to make a Trigger to send a text from Infusionsoft

You will need to make a Trigger and use the Keap Campaign action HTTP Post.

How do I integrate my members?

By integrating with Infusionsoft/Keap from your Organization Owner account, your members will automatically integrate.

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