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With Salesmsg, you can integrate and automate your outbound text messages to your contacts using Infusionsoft/Keap Campaigns.

First, if you have not yet connected your Infusionsoft/Keap account to Salesmsg, you can learn how to do that in this article Integrating with Infusionsoft/Keap.

How to Create a SMS Text Message

Step 1: Create Your Trigger SMS

Triggers are your text messages that you want to send to your contacts from your Infusionsoft/Keap Campaign. You will first need to create your trigger in Salesmsg to then insert your webhook URL in your Campaign.


The internal name given to your trigger message.


Select Infusionsoft/Keap to reveal the next steps.

Phone Field

This is the phone field where your contacts phone number resides.

Send From

This is the phone number you want to the SMS to be sent from.


You can apply certain Salesmsg tags to your contact when the trigger is fired.


Type in your personalized SMS text message.

Step 2: Copy Your Webhook URL

After you have created your trigger, then copy your webhook URL.

Example Trigger URL


How To Add Your Trigger to Your Campaign

Now that you've created your Salesmsg Trigger and copied your Trigger webhook URL, let's hop over to your Infusionsoft/Keap account to add this to your Automation campaign.

Step 1: Navigate to the Campaign Builder

From your Automation campaign, drag over the Webhook widget to where you want to add your ActiveCampaign contacts to Salesmsg.

Usually this is the first action in your Automation since this action is to only add contacts to your Salesmsg account.

Step 2: Create a New Campaign & Add a Sequence

Add a sequence...

Step 3: Add the "Send HTTP Post" To The Sequence

Drag over the action Send HTTP Post into your Campaign sequence.

Step 4: Paste Your Webhook URL

In the POST URL field, paste in your copied Salesmsg Webhook URL...

Step 5: Publish Your Campaign

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