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Integrating with Pipedrive
Integrating with Pipedrive

Send texts from your Pipedrive CRM by integrating

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The Salesmsg-Pipedrive integration allows you to conveniently send text messages to your Pipedrive contacts and will track your messages as notes on your contact record.

To set up your integration, just follow these steps.

How to Integrate Your Pipedrive Account

Step 1: Go To Your Settings

On the bottom left of your page, click on your Avatar and select settings.

Step 2: Select Integrations

Head over to Settings > Integrations to see the available integrations.

Step 3: Connect Pipedrive

Click the Connect button for integrating Pipedrive

Step 4: Select Your Account and Click Allow

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If successful, you should see this message and land on your Salesmsg settings for Pipedrive page.

Screenshot on 2021-03-10 at 19-15-01.png

Frequently asked questions

This Pipedrive account is connected to another account, what is this?

The Salesmsg organization can only connect to one PipeDrive account at a time. You won't be able to connect the same PipeDrive account to multiple Salesmsg organizations.

Can I get messages to log to the Deal Record?

Yes! You must have your valid Salesmsg x Pipedrive linked contact attached to the deal.

Can I send messages from Pipedrive automation?

Unfortunately not at this time, but with another tool called Zapier, one can create automation with Salesmsg actions that are Triggered by PipeDrive events.

How can I tell if my integration is disconnected?

Should an error occur on Pipedrive or Salesmsg that disconnects your integration, the next time you log in to Salesmsg you'll see a large status bar at the top of your Salesmsg conversation page indicating your integration has disconnected.

How do I integrate my members?

By integrating with Pipedrive from your Organization Owner account, your members will automatically integrate.

Can I see my Calls in a Timeline?

Yes you can. You can also see additional information such as call recording and duration.

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