If you receive this error when you attempt to connect your Integration, here's why:

The Salesmsg application's integration logic is built for a 1:1 relationship with your Salesmsg account and your integration account. If you attempt to connect multiple Salesmsg accounts to the same integration account, you'll receive this error. Then, of course, there is no method to connect a single Salesmsg account to multiple Integration accounts from the same platform.

Action items

  1. The error message will list the email used to register the Salesmsg account that was most recently connected to your integration account.
  2. Login to the account that was most recently connected to your integration account. If you don't have the credentials, get in touch with someone who does to access the account.
  3. Navigate to the most recently connected account's Settings for Integrations. Once there you may find the integration disconnected. Reconnect that integration with the same credentials that previously returned the oAuth error. Once connected, or if it already was connected, disconnect that integration.
  4. Now the integration account is free to connect with any Salesmsg account. Return to the desired account and connect the integration.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am still receiving this error even after following these steps

Please take a screenshot of the resulting error and submit a help request to support.

I currently have all my Salesmsg users connected to the same CRM, am I doing something wrong?

As long as your CRM users have their own login credentials with the CRM they are integrating with their own accounts which is what we want. You're doing great!

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