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How to Send Texts from HubSpot Tickets
How to Send Texts from HubSpot Tickets

All the powerful Salesmsg features are now available for HubSpot Tickets

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The Salesmsg HubSpot integration just got better with the addition of Salesmsg to HubSpot Tickets.

Reconnecting Salesmsg

Because of recent updates to the HubSpot privacy settings, you might need to reconnect the Salesmsg to HubSpot in order to access the Salesmsg extension from within HubSpot Tickets. As an Admin on the Salesmsg account simply:

  • Navigate to the Settings in the Salesmsg web app

  • Click on Integrations and find the HubSpot integrations

  • Click the 3 dots and hit Disconnect

  • From there, connect again and review and agree to the HuhSpot terms page

Using Salesmsg in HubSpot Tickets

Once you integrate Salesmsg to HubSpot, here is what you can do right from a HubSpot Ticket:

  • View all text messaging activity for all contacts associated with the ticket

  • Send a new text message to any of the associated contacts

  • Make outbound phone calls

  • Navigate back to Salesmsg

If you have issues accessing the Salesmsg extension in HubSpot Tickets please reach out to [email protected] and someone from our team will be happy to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have multiple contacts associated with a contact?
You will have the option to select which contact to send outbound messages to.

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