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Our HubSpot integration gives you a simple way to send outbound text messages from your Workflows. In this tutorial, you'll learn the most popular way to send messages to your contacts.

How it Works

The Salesmsg HubSpot integration gives you a simple way to create and send SMS & MMS text messages from your HubSpot Workflows. So if you are wanting to automate an outbound text message to a new lead after they will out a specific form or need to send out a text to a group of contacts, this feature will help you do just that.

Step 1: Search and Select the Salesmsg Action

From your Workflow, just search for Salesmsg and you'll see two Actions...

Salesmsg: Send SMS

This option gives you the ability to select the Salesmsg phone number you want to send the texts from. You can select your own Salesmsg phone number, a members number, a shared inbox number, or the shared short code number that's used for mass texting.

When would I use this option?

For example, after someone fills out a HubSpot form I want to send a text from the exact Phone Number 561-771-5917.

Salesmsg: Send SMS as Contact Owner

This option will enable you to send the text message from the phone number that's assigned to the HubSpot Contact Owner.

For a full tutorial on how this works, please visit this page.

When would I use this option?

For example, if you are Rotating Leads and assigning Contact Owners to your contacts and after someone fills out a HubSpot form you want to send the text coming from the Contact Owner's Salesmsg number.

Step 2: Create Your Text Message

Create a new action and search for Salesmsg: Send SMS to start creating your text message.

Once you select the widget, you can start to create your SMS.

Phone Number Property

Select the phone field where the phone number for the contacts resides.

Send as

Select the phone number that text will come from.

Send a Message

Type in your SMS text message here.

Media URL
(.gif, .png, .jpg, .vcard)

Insert a full URL to the hosted file.

Verifying your message sent with the custom property merged

To verify the message was sent with your merge fields, check the History tab of your workflow to verify the message has been sent. 

You can also verify the message has been sent by searching for the contact in your inbox folders. If you've had a previous conversation with the contact it will appear in your open folder or the outbound folder its a new outgoing message that hasn't received a response.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm getting an error when sending an MMS message?

{"status":"error","message":"Workflow Extension: invalid MMS url or file extension"}

If you're getting this error, the way to solve this is to check the Media URL you have inserted into your SMS text message. It should be a hosted .gif, .png, .vcard, .jpg and include the full URL like...


Why does my Salesmsg action always send from the admin and not the Contact Owner?

It's most likely that your HubSpot account is not mapped with your Salesmsg account.
The admin of the team will have to log into the HubSpot settings found in the Salesmsg dashboard and make sure that your accounts are mapped to each other.

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