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How to Create/Update Contacts from HubSpot Workflows (via Webhooks)
How to Create/Update Contacts from HubSpot Workflows (via Webhooks)

Import your HubSpot Contacts to Salesmsg using a Webhook Workflow

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If you're looking to import your existing HubSpot contacts to Salesmsg in bulk, this can be done by importing and syncing your contacts using HubSpot Workflows.

Importing with a webhook will link HubSpot contacts to your text conversations.
Every text message sent or received will be posted to the contact's timeline in HubSpot as well.

Step 1: View Webhook

From your Salesmsg account, go to Settings > Integrations and next to HubSpot cick the 3 dots, and click View Webhook.

Step 2: Copy the Webhook URL

In the popup select the phone number property where the phone number of your contacts exist.

Step 3: Create the Workflow Action "Send a Webhook"

From your HubSpot workflow, search and select the action Send a webhook, select post, and paste in the Salesmsg Webhook URL.

NOTE: Webhooks are only available for Enterprise customers.

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