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How to send a text to a Pipedrive Contact
How to send a text to a Pipedrive Contact
Initiate a Salesmsg SMS from PipeDrive
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The Salesmsg-Pipedrive integration allows you to conveniently send text messages to your Pipedrive contacts and will track your messages as notes on your contact record.

To send a message check out this video

Send Salesmsg text messages with Pipedrive

Step 1: Locate the Start SMS Conversation Button

On your Pipedrive contact record open the ellipsis menu and select Start SMS Conversation

Note you can also do this from the Pipedrive Deal page

Step 2: Compose and send

Frequently asked questions

Are messages logged on Pipedrive?

They are logged on the contact record and include the content of the message and the time delivered or received. At this time we do not log messages back to the Deal Record

Can I send messages in mass from Pipedrive?

Unforchenetly not at this time, to send messages in mass/bulk you'll want to use the native Salesmsg feature Broadcasting

Can I use my Pipedrive properties in Salesmsg Canned Messages?

Yes, once integrated with PipeDrive you can create a Pipedrive based Salesmsg Canned Messages

What timezone are my messages sent and received in?
Your timezone is dictated by the timezone you selected in your Personal settings. If you've never configured this, the default is the timezone that your web browser is set to.

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